Solar panel systems for business customers

Solar panel systems for business customers


Helion disburses FREIV funding right away!


As a solar panel system owner, you are entitled to a one-off payment from the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, which covers approx. 25 % of the investment costs of the photovoltaic system. Once the solar panel system has been put into operation, it takes around six years for the large one-off payment (GREIV) to be paid out. Not at Helion!


Helion pays out subsidies immediately and deducts them directly from the invoice amount.

How will you benefit? You do not have to wait up to six years for funding or worry about anything at all.

Reasons for industrial and business customers to get a solar panel system

A solar panel system can serve as a profitable and sustainable investment for your company. Produce your own electricity from renewable energy and position yourself as a responsible company.


The cost of producing your own electricity is CHF 0.08 to 0.12 per kWh. Electricity provided by the grid is much more expensive and costs between CHF 0.14 and 0.25 per kWh. The more solar power you produce and consume yourself, the lower your electricity costs will be – and the more profitable your solar system will be. In addition to the electricity costs, you also save on the grid usage fees.



Solar systems for industrial and business customers usually pay for themselves within as little as 9 to 15 years. If energy prices continue to rise, as forecast, the payback periods will be even shorter in the future.

  • You will significantly reduce your energy costs.
  • You will position yourself as a sustainable company.
  • You will be less affected by electricity price increases.
  • You will benefit from subsidies.
  • You will produce eco-friendly electricity.
  • You will increase the value of your property.

Is your roof suitable for a solar panel system?

Our experts will analyse the roof’s condition to check whether your roof meets the technical requirements for the installation of a solar panel system. Based on the roof analysis, we shall develop an individual solution for your company, taking into account economic and environmental factors.

Benefit from our roof rental and contracting solutions

How will you benefit? You will achieve a considerable return without any risk or effort. In addition, you can use the improvement in your image that results from the use of a solar panel system in your corporate communications.


Roof rental


We rent your roof and use the space to install a photovoltaic system. All investments and costs incurred are covered by Helion. The electricity produced flows directly into the power grid. After the lease expires, we give you the option of taking over the photovoltaic system on your roof and continuing to operate it.




As with the roof rental option, all costs are covered by Helion. Instead of buying electricity from the electricity company, you use the cheaper solar power from your roof, which the contractor sells to you at a contractually fixed price. A contracting solution can significantly reduce your energy bill.


All info about the roof rental

Why Helion?

  • Investment and performance security

    You have the guarantee that we shall still be there for you after the 30-year service life of your solar system. Helion is the number one company for solar panel systems and electricity storage units in Switzerland.

  • Comprehensive consultations

    With the help of our industry-specific and well-founded profitability analyses, we configure the system that best suits your needs. We shall also provide you with your own project manager.

  • Operating throughout Switzerland

    The Helion business unit is part of Bouygues Energies & Services, the largest heating, ventilation, plumbing and electrical installer, with over 80 locations in Switzerland.

  • Zero worries thanks to Helion monitoring

    The staff in our extensive Service and Monitoring Department ensure that your system runs smoothly around the clock.

  • Quality Seal

    Our suppliers are subject to strict criteria and requirements, as we focus on the highest quality when selecting modules (X-ray/electroluminescence process).

  • Optimal price-performance ratio

    Our high purchasing volume and direct procurement from the manufacturers enable us to always offer you the best prices.

  • Innovation and expertise

    Thanks to our own Development Department, we are always one step ahead in technology.