Maintenance, monitoring and servicing

Maintenance, monitoring and servicing

Around 80 % of annual solar radiation is emitted in the period between March and October, making this the most fruitful time for solar panels. That is why it is worth giving your solar panels a once over at the beginning of the season as the winter months may have caused some damage. Major weather damage or a marked drop in performance can be fairly easy to identify by solar panel owners themselves. If you would like the panels to be examined more closely, it is worth seeking the advice of a specialist to ensure that hidden damage, performance defects or soiling caused by birds, leaves or dust are resolved or disposed of properly.

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First-class servicing

We offer our solar panel and battery storage device service throughout Switzerland. Our experienced service technicians are located all around the country and can be with you in no time at all. We can even repair minor faults or damage within just a few working days.

We provide our services for both photovoltaic systems and battery storage devices built by us and for systems installed by third parties.

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Solar panel self-check

You can perform an initial check yourself. If you would like a more thorough examination to be performed, we recommend consulting one of our specialists.



Output check


One thing you most definitely can do is check the output of your solar panels via an app or online interface. Compare the values with those achieved in the previous year. Has anything changed? If there is a noticeable difference, please make sure to contact us so that we can get to the bottom of why this is.



Visual inspection


If you have the means to safely take a closer look at your solar panels, check whether they are exhibiting any signs of weather damage or heavy soiling. In this case too, we would be happy to help you remove debris and rectify any damage.

We recommend that you have your solar panels serviced on a regular basis. Through monitoring and maintenance, sources of error and faults can be detected at an early stage and more serious damage can be avoided.

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One-off system check for CHF 540 (excluding VAT)

  • No maintenance contract required

    You do not need to conclude a maintenance contract to have your system inspected. This applies to photovoltaic systems of up to 34.99 kWp.

  • Visual surface inspection

    We examine the solar panels for damage and soiling with the help of our drones (we would also be happy to take a photo of your house at your request).

  • Measurements

    Our specialists take a careful look at all the components of your solar panels – they examine the inverters, measure the strings and check all the pipes and tubes.

  • Repairs

    Any damage is recorded in a maintenance report. Minor repairs up to a value of CHF 100 are included in the price. If larger repairs are required, you will receive a non-binding quote from us in advance.

Our maintenance services

Helion’s range of maintenance contracts cover a variety of services: monitoring, maintenance inspection, and maintenance inspection with system check. The different services included as part of each maintenance solution are listed below. For systems up to 34.99 kWp, the system check during the inspection is included in the price.

We perform maintenance work on both solar panels installed by Helion and on those provided by third parties. Your battery storage device is also always in good hands with us.

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Maintenance contract – Monitoring

  • Instant information

If any irregularities are identified, you will receive an error log together with a recommendation for further action within two working days. Weather-related delays, e.g. snow, remain reserved. Should you so wish, the fault can be rectified there and then by our specialist staff.

  • Visualisation

The output of your solar panels, your own consumption and the functionality of your photovoltaic system are displayed on the monitoring portal. Your system is monitored around the clock and the data is analysed by us on an ongoing basis.

  • Storage device optimisation

By monitoring your system, we can examine and optimise your energy storage device.

  • Assistance in the event of system outages and faults

Reduced outputs or failures of individual components are identified and analysed by our experts. Unusual differences between the outputs of individual strings are detected and can thus be quickly remedied.

  • Services included

Damage that can be repaired during inspections performed within the warranty period are rectified in a timely manner. Recurring costs arising as a result of the transmission of data via the GSM network (SIM card) are included in the maintenance contract.

  • Data security

The monitoring data and the error and event logs can serve as aids or evidence in your favour during warranty discussions.

Maintenance contract – Inspection

  • Visual inspection

The following components are checked for soiling and damage: modules, inverters, battery storage device (inside and out), generator junction boxes, main switch, network components and communication units, smart energy components and controllers, irradiation, wind and temperature sensors, mounting system, electrical installation and cable lines, and energy meter.

  • Output check

Comparing actual and target values and performing a comparison with the previous year by evaluating the output data. Note: in order for an output analysis to be meaningful, a data logger and monitoring portal must be used.

  • Easy cleaning

Removing dust and other deposits from the inverters and the storage system. Cleaning or changing the filter of ventilation components.

  • Storage device capacity

Checking the current storage capacity (benchmark) via a monitoring portal. Comparing this with the original storage capacity and the values guaranteed under the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Surge protection and junctions

Checking the connections and junctions of the photovoltaic system and the storage device. Tightening any screws, if necessary. Checking the surge protector.

  • Repairs

Minor repairs (up to a value of CHF 100) are carried out there and then and are included in the price. Should larger repairs be required, you will be notified by our specialist staff and be provided with a separate quote for the work to be performed.

  • Documentation

We will send you clear documentation detailing all the checks and analyses that have been performed. These documents may be used as aids or evidence by the system operator in the event of warranty discussions.

Maintenance contract – Inspection with system check

  • Inspection services

The entire spectrum of inspection services is performed as part of the system check.

  • PV system measurements

Targeted system measurements ensure that performance losses or insulation faults can be identified in good time. System measurements are taken in accordance with VDE 0126-23.

  • Preparation of measurement log

The results are recorded in a measurement log and archived in our database.

  • Analysis of measurement results

We analyse the measurement results and compare these with our empirical values relating to other systems. The documentation and analysis of measurement results will be made available to you.


Additional services

  • Thermographic measurement

    We use our infrared thermal imaging camera to measure the surface temperature of your photovoltaic system. This ensures that possible faults due to thermal effects can be determined and localised on a photovoltaic system and on electrotechnical components without making contact or causing damage. Depending on the accessibility and size of the system, we will either examine it by drone or inspect it up close. We measure your system using our thermal imaging cameras and provide you with our analysis of the individual strings. The process of thermographic measurement gives us the opportunity to identify manufacturing and warranty defects in good time. We charge for repairs on a time and material basis.

  • PV System cleaning

    The system is cleaned as and when required, upon arrangement with the operator (every three to five years, depending on the property). Regular cleaning guarantees that the photovoltaic system performs at its best and is therefore recommended. Soiling and debris may also have a negative impact on the performance of the system, thus reducing its economic efficiency. In order to ensure that the flat-rate fee can be honoured, a supply of water and electricity must be available on site at the time the cleaning needs to be performed.

Example calculations

Price calculations for maintenance contracts

Solar panels Battery storage device Connection Chosen maintenance contract Annual costs, excluding VAT
12 kWp yes, storage device with 10 kWh LAN connection Maintenance contract for inspection with system check CHF 555
35 kWp yes, storage device with 19 kWh GSM connection Maintenance contract for monitoring and inspection with system check CHF 655
170 kWp No LAN connection Maintenance contract for monitoring CHF 340

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