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Solar energy – the smartest investment is on the roof

  • Reduce electricity costs

    Reduce your electricity bill by 30 % in the long term! Electricity produced by roof systems costs CHF 0.10/kWh compared to CHF 0.18/kWh from the electricity company.

  • Financial aid through subsidies

    The Swiss federal government and the cantons pay subsidies to companies that operate solar panel systems and use renewable energy.

  • Become independent

    As a self-supplier, you will become less dependent on electricity from the grid and will no longer be at the mercy of price increases.

  • Increase the value of your property

    With a solar panel system on the roof, you will increase the value of your property.

  • Climate-friendly electricity production

    You will produce eco-friendly electricity, which means you can position yourself as a sustainable company.

From consulting to installation – you can rely on us to make your energy project a reality!

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On-site consultation with a fixed price offer

One of our advisors will come out to visit you and prepare a binding offer for you directly on site.

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Here we go – our experts install your customised system.

Why Helion?

  • Investment and performance security

    You have the guarantee that we shall still be there for you after the 30-year service life of your solar system. Helion is the number one company for solar panel systems and electricity storage units in Switzerland.

  • Comprehensive consultations

    With the help of our industry-specific and well-founded profitability analyses, we configure the system that best suits your needs. We shall also provide you with your own project manager.

  • Operating throughout Switzerland

    The Helion business unit is part of Bouygues Energies & Services, the largest heating, ventilation, plumbing and electrical installer, with over 80 locations in Switzerland.

  • Zero worries thanks Helion monitoring

    The staff in our extensive Service and Monitoring Department ensure that your system runs smoothly around the clock.

  • Quality seal

    Our suppliers are subject to strict criteria and requirements, as we focus on the highest quality when selecting modules (X-ray/electroluminescence process).

  • Optimal price-performance ratio

    Our high purchasing volume and direct procurement from the manufacturers enable us to always offer you the best prices.

  • Innovation and expertise

    Thanks to our own Development Department, we are always one step ahead in technology.