Helion ONE – using solar power more intelligently

Smart Energy

The smart energy solution Helion ONE


In order to achieve the goals of the Energy Strategy 2050, buildings need to be more energy efficient and connected. Digitalisation is opening up a host of promising opportunities in this regard. Thanks to our smart energy solution, you can become a “prosumer” in no time at all – in other words, you can both produce and consume your own solar power. Your property is thus transformed into a solar power plant and offers you maximum efficiency and flexibility to optimise your own consumption. 


Would you like to make your property more connected and energy efficient? This is where Helion ONE comes in, ensuring that you can do this in an ideal and straightforward manner: the connected and remote-controlled devices and installations not only allow you to control the lights in or access to your home, they are also the key to you using your solar power much more efficiently and keeping a constant eye on your electricity consumption – be it for heating, producing hot water or charging your electric car.


Take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a customised and intelligent approach to controlling your home now! The connected world is the world of tomorrow.


The Helion ONE smart app offers you maximum efficiency and flexibility to optimise your own consumption. 


How you will benefit:

  • 100 % sustainable solar power
  • You will be less affected by rising electricity prices
  • Energy-independent electricity supply – day and night
  • Maximum economic efficiency of your solar installation
  • You will increase the value of your property


Control your solar power

Thanks to Helion ONE, you always have an overview of the production and consumption of solar power. Our intuitive application is the hub for connecting a photovoltaic system with an energy storage system, a heat pump and a charging station for electric cars. This allows you to significantly optimise your own consumption. Even simple smart plugs can be controlled via the app.


  • Dashboard displaying the key figures for all connected devices and appliances


  • Visual representation of the flows of energy between the photovoltaic system, battery, heating and charging station


  • Control and prioritisation of energy procurement


  • Analysis of the past few days


  • Expected energy production

How you will benefit


  • Real-time visualisation


Helion ONE intuitively illustrates how much solar power is being produced and how much electricity each appliance is consuming. It also shows whether the electricity is being fed into the grid or whether purchased electricity is being used.



  • Optimisation according to your needs


You determine easily and in real time which consumers should benefit from the surplus solar power.



  • Simple operation


The system is extraordinarily intuitive, and the appliances can be controlled easily and seamlessly with solar power.



  • Manufacturer-independent


Helion ONE is manufacturer-independent and can control any device with open interfaces.




  • Maximum self-consumption


Surplus solar power can be optimally distributed to consumers.



  • Predicted solar power production


Helion ONE uses local weather data to predict solar power production for the next two days.


Why not give Helion ONE a try?

Would you like to try out our cutting-edge and intuitive smart energy solution? Then download the app free of charge and without obligation and check out the intuitive visualisations and controls using a demo account. Helion ONE is available for iOS (iOS 12 or newer) and Android (Android 6 or newer).



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