Funding for solar installations

Funding for solar installations

Funding for solar installations


Switzerland still has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to renewable energy, but this is soon set to change quite radically. The Federal Council’s Energy Strategy 2050 aims to significantly increase electricity production from solar, hydropower, geothermal and biomass sources.

In order to achieve these ambitious energy goals, the Swiss federal government is providing financial incentives to increase the share of solar energy in the energy mix.

Not only does the federal government pay subsidies, but many cantons also grant future owners of solar installations an additional subsidy.


How are solar installations funded?


There are three different subsidy options for solar installations.



Which subsidy you can claim depends on the size of your roof. The KLEIV (small one-off payment) is intended for photovoltaic systems of 10 m² to 600 m². Private customers do not generally own systems with an area of more than 600 m².


Larger systems of 600 m² or more are subsidised either with the GREIV (large one-off payment) or the KEV (feed-in remuneration at cost).

Small one-off payment (KLEIV)

The KLEIV is a one-off payment that covers a maximum of 30 % of the investment costs of the solar installation. This is paid out after the photovoltaic system has been commissioned. It takes about two years for the small one-off payment to be transferred.



The Swiss Federal Office of Energy reimburses up to 30 % of the costs of a solar installation.

Helion will provide you with all the necessary forms to apply for the subsidy. So you can sit back and relax.

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The construction of the solar plant can be started even before the registration with the Federal Office of Energy. We install your system from A to Z with our experienced team. The KLEIV can be applied for after successful commissioning. Helion will provide you with all the necessary forms for the subsidy application. You do not have to worry about anything. Payment is guaranteed by law and takes place after approximately 2 years. The date of receipt of the application is decisive.
The amount of state subsidies you can apply for depends on the power (kWp) or the size of the photovoltaic system.

Examples of calculations for differents household sizes

KLEIV for a small household



3-person household

(approx. 4 kWp = approx. 25 m²)
Purchase costs = approx. CHF 17,000
Basic amount + (kWp x benefit amount) = one-off payment


Basic amount + 4 x benefit amount = CHF 700 + 4 x CHF 380 = CHF 2,220


KLEIV for a medium-sized household



5-person household

(approx. 7 kWp = approx. 40 m²)

Purchase costs = approx. CHF 24,000

Basic amount + benefit amount = one-off payment


Basic amount + 7 x benefit amount =CHF 700 + 7 x CHF 380 = CHF 3,360


KLEIV for a medium-sized household with an electric car



5-person household with an electric car

Purchase costs = approx. CHF 32,000 

Basic amount + benefit amount = one-off payment


Basic amount + 10 x benefit amount =CHF 700 + 10 x CHF 380 = CHF 4,500


Tax incentives for phovoltaic systems

Make tax savings with a solar installation? That is absolutely right! Regardless of the type of subsidy you choose, you can fully deduct the investment costs for your photovoltaic system from your taxes. This full tax deduction currently applies in all Swiss cantons (with the exception of Lucerne and the Grisons).

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