Financing a solar installation


Everyone can afford a solar installation


With a solar installation, you can save hundreds of francs a year in electricity costs. What is more, the solar electricity generated is sustainable.


Photovoltaic financing: cheaper than a private loan and simpler than a mortgage.


In addition to selling you a solar installation, Helion can also finance it for you. We offer attractive financing solutions through our exclusive partnership with Migros Bank. All building technology solutions such as solar panels, energy storage systems, heat pumps and charging stations for electric vehicles can be financed at an interest rate of 2.9 % over 1 to 15 years.

Migros Bank is one of Switzerland’s leading banks and conducts the credit checks for customers. The bank is widely trusted among the population of Switzerland, making it the ideal partner for realising the energy transition in collaboration with Helion.

How solar installation financing works

Before seeking financing for a solar installation, first you need to decide on the right solar panels for your house. Find out what you need to consider when choosing a solar installation.


You must also take the following into account: to achieve the highest possible self-consumption, the photovoltaic system must be adapted to your needs. The higher your level of self-consumption, the more self-produced electricity you use – and the cheaper your electricity bill will be.


The monthly lease payments will be calculated on the basis of the solar installation, the price and chosen term. As when purchasing solar panels, the financial incentives provided from the various authorities will also be taken into account when financing a solar installation. But what is the best thing about solar panel financing? At the end of the term, you can take over ownership of the photovoltaic system free of charge and enjoy your own solar power for many years to come.



The solar installation will also belong to you during the term of the financing. 
About the costs

Benefits of solar panel financing


  • Your own solar power with no investment costs
  • Financial security thanks to fixed, monthly rates
  • Fixed rates make budgeting easy
  • All the benefits of a photovoltaic system without the financial risk

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Should you buy a solar installation upfront or on finance?

The question of whether it is better to buy a solar installation upfront or to buy it on finance often crops up. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for this. It is a decision that depends on various factors such as your budget and living situation.


We have made a list of the advantages and disadvantages of each option to help you decide whether to buy a solar installation upfront or on finance:

Financing a solar installation Buying a solar installation
No purchasing costs Now is the perfect time to buy (the financial incentives will be lower in the future)
Fixed monthly rates allow for long-term planning Purchase cost is tax deductible
The solar installation will belong to you Solaranlage ist Ihr Eigentum
Take over possession of the solar panels free of charge at end of contract Lower overall cost
Loan interest is tax deductible  
Financing a solar installation Buying a solar installation
Contractually binding Investment cost
Higher total cost Use of capital

Financing versus a bank loan

No doubt you are asking yourself whether you would not be better off just getting a bank loan and using it to buy the solar installation upfront. Wouldn’t that be cheaper than buying the solar installation on finance?

It is important to remember that, depending on the bank, interest rates for a loan can be up to 7 %. For the relatively small amount of CHF 20,000, the interest would already add up to CHF 1,400. A bank loan would therefore result in a lot of additional costs which can be spared if you buy your solar panels on finance.

About the costs

Why is buying a solar installation on finance worth it?

Buying a solar installation on finance is worth it because you do not have any initial investment costs. Instead, you will simply pay a monthly rate.

Thanks to our financing offer, even people who do not have a sufficient budget can benefit from having their own photovoltaic system. Even if you do have sufficient cash funds, it is still worth buying your solar installation on finance, as it means you can invest your money elsewhere.

Example calculation: Purchase versus financing of a solar installation* with 6.5 kWp
Purchase Purchase financing over 5 years
One-off payment CHF 19’900.- CHF 0.-
Contributions/month* CHF 0.- CHF 356.- / month* (total CHF 21’384.-)
Wartung CHF 165.- / Jahr * CHF 165.- / Jahr * (Gesamt CHF 825.-)
Gesamt mit Wartung CHF 20’725.- CHF 22’209.-
*The example calculation compares a system with 20 modules/33 m² and 6.5 kWp (without SolarLog, SmartEnergy, permanent fall protection).

Over a period of five years, an upfront purchase does work out cheaper than buying the solar installation on finance. However, buying a solar installation on finance is the perfect alternative if you do not have the money required upfront.

Rent out your roof and earn money

Do you own a large, unused roof area and want to capitalise on it?


We are always looking for large building surfaces on which we can install our modules and produce solar power for the general grid. In return, you will receive a monthly rental fee. At the end of the rental period, you can take over the system and generate your own solar power.

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