Costs & prices: solar panels


How much do solar panels cost? 


Nowadays, a photovoltaic system can be installed on a small roof of a detached house for as little as CHF 10,000 (incl. subsidies & tax savings). This is an approximate amount, as various factors influence the price of the photovoltaic system.


The costs of a solar installation mainly depend on the following factors: roof size and performance, choice of solar modules, material costs (inverter + substructure) and scaffolding incl. fuse box.


The net investment costs for the photovoltaic system are greatly reduced by subsidies. Depending on the canton, the subsidies can amount to several thousand francs. Helion takes care of all registrations and applications so that you also receive the maximum possible subsidies.

Costs of solar panels in CHF

Roof size Occupant Costs per m² in CHF Costs for solar panels in CHF
ca. 25 m² ca. CHF 780.- CHF 19’500.-
(incl. subsidies & tax savings)
ca. 40 m² ca. CHF 550.- CHF 22’000.-
(incl. subsidies & tax savings)
ca. 60 m² ca. CHF 434.- CHF 26’000.-
(incl. subsidies & tax savings)

Purchase costs per household after 30 % deduction of the subsidy & 25 % tax saving.


In addition to the surface area, the costs incurred for a solar installation depend above all on the power (kWp). Even at the time of purchase, the power of the solar modules can vary by up to 20 %.



Optional: battery storage device


A battery storage device and a heat pump can be used to supplement a photovoltaic system. With these two additional components, the self-consumption of a block of flats or a detached house can be significantly increased – and thus the use of the solar panels optimised.

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Financing a solar installation

We provide you with comprehensive advice on the choice of system and support you with various financing solutions.


  • Monthly payments instead of high one-off investment costs.
  • If you pay in instalments, the photovoltaic system will be yours after 10 to 15 years.
  • Thanks to additional maintenance packages, your system is always in good shape.


Example: Financing of a solar installation with 6.7 kwP (approx. 45 m²)

One-off deposit CHF 1'500


Over 10 years

Over 15 years


CHF 138.- / month

CHF 108.- / month

Maintenance (optional)


Basic package

Includes all services, from monitoring and maintenance through to servicing


All-round carefree package

In addition to the services of the Basic package, the inverter is also replaced




CHF 23.- / month




CHF 37.- / month

The perfect time to buy

Due to the high demand for photovoltaic systems, there has been plenty of movement in the solar market in recent years. Why is now the best time to buy a solar installation?


Photovoltaic systems currently cost just 20 % of the price you would have paid ten years ago. At the same time, subsidies are decreasing year on year.


However, the authorities are reaching their financial limits due to the high demand, which means that the subsidies for solar installations are decreasing every year.

The best and most favourable time to buy a solar panel system is therefore right now. The longer you wait, the fewer subsidies will be available to you.

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