Costs of a heat pump


Costs of a heat pump 


The decisive factor for the cost of a heat pump is whether an old heating system is being replaced or whether it's a first-time installation. The location where the heat pump is to be installed also influences the price.


Cost of an air-water heat pump


Air-water heat pumps are relatively simple to install. For this reason, the investment costs are relatively low. A heat pump system can be installed inside or outside the building, depending on the situation. The annual energy and maintenance costs are much lower than for oil heating, but somewhat higher than for a geothermal probe.


Cost of a geothermal probe


When installing a geothermal probe (brine-water heat pump), a tube of approximately 200 m in length will be fitted into a borehole in the ground. This means the investment costs are higher. Compared with oil heating, however, the investment is worth it in the medium to long term since the geothermal probe is highly energy efficient and therefore has very low maintenance costs.

Cost comparison between heat pumps and oil heating
Purchasing costs in CHF Maintenance costs in CHF (annual) Energy costs in CHF (annual)
Air-water heat pump 34'000 CHF 150 CHF 1'210 CHF
Geothermal probe (brine-water heat pump) 46'000 CHF 100 CHF 940 CHF
Oil heating 21'000 CHF 780 CHF 2'640 CHF
Table: Figures for an average installation with 150 m² energy reference area (e.g. detached house) and an energy demand of 22,000 kWh (= 2,600 l heating oil)

Financial incentives for heat pumps

In order to promote efficient heating, Swiss cantons and municipalities are actively supporting the wider deployment of heat pump systems. For this reason, numerous financial incentives are available for installing heat pumps.


Helion takes care of the paperwork and submits all the necessary forms to the various points of contact.

What funding can I expect?


The canton of Basel-Stadt subsidises brine-water heat pumps with up to CHF 25,850. The canton of Bern provides a maximum of CHF 6’000.-.


On the Energiefranken site, you can enter the post code of where you live to see a list of all the local energy funding programmes in Switzerland.
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Get tax deductions on your heat pump

The state will provide you with financial support for more than just the heat pump's installation. Thanks to Swiss funding programmes, you will also enjoy tax benefits. Investments in heat pump systems or solar panels can be tax deducted by up to 100 % depending on whether the investment concerns a renovation or new installation for a detached house or a building containing several individual flats.

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